3 Stocks I Fully Expect to Double or More Within the Next 5 Years

By Newsfeedback@Fool Com (Keith Speights)5 days ago

Like every other investor, when I buy a stock I'm looking for it to move higher. I can't know with absolute certainty that will happen, though. And just how much or how quickly the stock will increase is always a guess.

However, it's easier to make predictions for some stocks than it is for others. When a given stock has tremendous growth prospects and an attractive market cap, I have more confidence that it can deliver great returns over a relatively short period.Here are three stocks meeting those two criteria that I fully expect to double or more within the next five years.


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DermTech (NASDAQ:DMTK) might scare off some investors because of its volatility. The healthcare stock soared 145% year to date by late February only to give up much of those gains. In my view, it's best to ignore the short-term volatility and focus on DermTech's long-term prospects.

The company markets two genomics tests for detecting melanoma called Pigmented Lesion Assay (PLA) and PLAPlus. With these tests, an adhesive patch is placed over a suspect area of skin. The patch is then removed and sent to DermTech's lab for genetic analysis.

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