Suzanne Rogers apologizes amid controversy over photo with former U.S. president Donald Trump

By John Vennavally Rao10 days ago

TORONTO -- A Canadian philanthropist is facing criticism for taking a photo with former U.S. president Donald Trump in Florida, and the fashion school that bears her name is feeling the heat.

On the campus of Ryerson University in Toronto, signs of strong ties to the Rogers family are all over the place. The family has donated millions to the school, and that philanthropy is evident in the names of several buildings and programs.


One of those is the Suzanne Rogers Fashion Institute, named for philanthropist Suzanne Rogers. She has posed for plenty of pictures with students receiving awards in the past, but its images the socialite recently snapped at Trumps Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida that have gotten her and the Rogers name into trouble.

That includes one photo taken with her husband, Rogers Communications chairman Edward Rogers, in which the couple are posing with the former president himself.

Suzanne Rogers posted the photo with Trump to Instagram with the caption, A special way to end the night.

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