Teachers Unions' Covid Cop-Outs Are a Winning Issue for GOP

By Jason L Riley7 days ago

When is the Republican Party going to declare war on teachers unions?

Doing so would be smart politics as well as smart policy. There is no appreciable downside to the GOP taking on the American Federation of Teachers and the National Education Association, which already give nearly all their money and political support to Democrats. And the nations pupils have everything to gain, especially if they happen to be low-income minorities.


The move is long overdue, and the pandemic offers Republicans the perfect opportunity to explain to voters how the unions ironclad control over public education does grave harm to children. Weve known from the earliest days of the virus that youngsters are the least likely to catch it or spread it to others. We also know that many low-income parents struggle with home schooling and need to go back to work. Distance learning exacerbates racial and economic achievement gaps and takes a heavy psychological toll on kids. Union leaders couldnt care less.

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