The Top Ten Male Entrepreneurs to look out for in 2021

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London, United Kingdom, Feb. 23, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- With the world of business changing faster than ever, there are those who keep on top of the trends - and those who fall behind. With the pandemic creating more opportunities for those savvy enough to pivot and adapt, there has been a huge shift in the dynamic of the entrepreneurial world of years gone by. For those who desire to forge their own path and create the life they truly want to live, entrepreneurship is more often than not the vehicle to get them there. According to Two Comma PR, the rise of the era of entrepreneurship has only just begun. Each doing amazing things in their own right, here we present the top 10 male entrepreneurs to watch out for in 2021.

Rich Hawkins (@Rich_Hawkins)

Rich Hawkins turned his losses into gains after and has built a multi-million-pound eCommerce business. Today, whilst growing his brands Rich helps other entrepreneurs realize their dreams and achieve their goals using eCommerce. I

In 2011, Rich lost his first business and walked away with thousands of pounds of debt, he spent over a year heavily depressed and considered giving up.

However, in 2012 was introduced to eCommerce by a friend who was selling dog beds on eBay and that's how his eCommerce journey began. It started as a modest drop shipping business selling children's scooter wheels on eBay and it grew into what it is today with a lot of hard work and motivation.

Rich's brands are very successful and over the years gas gained back the confidence he had lost along with his first business. Since then, he has continued to launch multiple brands and earned multiple millions in turnover each year. He continues to bring new products to the market, and also works as a consultant for some household brand names.

In 2019, he decided to put his knowledge to work and help other eCommerce entrepreneurs find success. He has nearly a decade of experience in the field and from his own failures and wins, he knows what works and how to build a successful online brand. Rich is no stranger to failure and he understands the challenges and hardships of building a sustainable business more than anyone, which is why he is using his experience to help others unlock their potential.

Gareth Davies (@gazdavies8)

Gareth Davies is an ex-professional footballer who had to retire because of an injury and decided to dedicate the rest of his career to providing health and safety training services people can trust. He developed a team of in-house trainers who offer qualified, and engaging training that truly makes a difference. He founded Essential Site Skills with the idea of promoting business development and growth alongside a staff that's motivated, trained, and experienced.

Essential Site Skills is an ESFA-approved provider, which means they have several funding streams available to provide financial support to individuals and businesses that need training but can't always afford it. It's important for Gareth to promote awareness of the funding available from the UK government for free training to upskill the workforce and boost the economy.

Gareth has a unique business strategy that supports and ensures the delivery of high-quality and smooth training. It's his passion to make people's lives easier and provide assistance so businesses can grow and exceed people's expectations. He has replaced the dressing room with meeting rooms and training rooms where he has the skills to engage with people with a likable personality and a knowledgeable mind. Gareth promises to serve as a trustworthy and reliable guide for all.

Akash Mehta (@mehta_a)

Akash Mehta is a British entrepreneur and influencer who has had the pleasure of working with brands such as Burberry, Estée Lauder, and Dior, where he worked as their Global Digital Manager. He graduated from Imperial College London in Engineering but found his passion in business. Today, he's the founder and CEO of Fable and Mane, an Ayurvedic-inspired hair wellness brand, and CO-ANU, his digital agency. Akash has found great success in his entrepreneurial career that has even earned him a place on the prestigious Forbes 30 Under 30 list.

His brand ‘Fable and Mane' brings something unique to the market. All the products are plant-based and inspired by ancient Indian beauty secrets. Along with his sister Nikita Mehta, Akash founded ...

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