Trending: Cinnamon Shore Draws Record Vacationers With Summer Filling Up Fast

By Cinnamon Shore5 days ago

PORT ARANSAS, Texas, May 4, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Cinnamon Shore continues to beat its vacation rental numbers, as more and more families discover this charming, Gulf-side village on the outskirts of Port Aransas, Texas.

In fact,during March 2021, vacation rental guests booked 1,351 properties, an impressive 414% increase over March 2020. By the end of April, total year-over-year bookings at Cinnamon Shore for 2021 were already up 320%, pacing at three times the revenue of 2020.


Cinnamon Shore

Once people discover Cinnamon Shore, so many want to come back, says Jeff Lamkin, developer. We see it time and time again, as families make our community part of their beach traditions. Testimonials from Cinnamon Shore photo contests show how eager guests are to return:

[Cinnamon Shore] is like a little town of its own like your home the minute you get there will definitely be back soon.

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