Turquoise Health Launches Consumer Database for Hospital Insurance Rate Comparison

By Benzinga6 days ago


SAN DIEGO, Jan. 14, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- On the heels of price transparency regulation requiring hospitals to disclose traditionally secret negotiated rates, Turquoise Health has launched the first hospital comparison engine for consumers to make cost-effective care decisions based on their insurance.

Hospital price transparency is notoriously difficult to solve. Prior to January 1st, a consumer's only option was to call the hospital, browse a confusing chargemaster file, or rely on an insurance portal. But this takes time and requires too much effort when considering multiple options - such as driving to another town or paying with cash.

On the Turquoise Health platform, users can easily view hospital quality information, prices specific to their insurance plan, and how their local hospital compares to the market. This service requires no sign up or payment.

“It's difficult to find price transparency information on a hospital's website. Just ...

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