Youth Pay a High Price for Covid Protection

By Charles L Hooper5 days ago

Now that the Covid-19 pandemic seems to be abating, its a good time to look at lessons that observers have, or should have, learned. The list of mistakes is long, but the most glaring was the failure to understand and act on the viruss propensity to attack the old and vulnerable. Policy makers failed, in other words, to understand the enemy.

Some clear thinking based on data that were available last spring would have led to two insights. First, the benefits of protecting the old and vulnerable exceed the costs. Second, the costs of protecting the young and healthy exceed the benefits.


For our purposes we are combining voluntary and coercive (e.g., government lockdown) nonpharmaceutical precautionsmask-wearing, hand-washing, quarantining, distancing and isolation of infected peopleunder the umbrella of protection. The benefits of protection include reducing the potential for death, pain, suffering and healthcare costs, along with reducing the chance of infecting others. But the main benefit of protection is that fewer people die from Covid-19.

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